How much does it cost to make a video?

Most videos run from  $3,200 - $10,000.  Some of the factors that influence cost are the length of the video, the amount of shooting days, the size of the crew, any specialized or additional equipment, and the licensing of music. The cheapest turn-key service I offer is a "show-up-and-shoot" video for $1,800.  I literally show up at a location and shoot for up to a half-day with no planning, no crew or additional gear other than myself and my camera.  These are mostly used for BTS (Behind-the-scenes) videos of marketing events, art openings, commercial photography shoots or anything where a professional and simple documenting of a happening would be useful.

How long does it take to make a video?

The whole process from script to screen usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the project and the necessary approval process on the client side. On certain short projects I can provide same day turn-around but these are rare situations.

What is the process like to work with you?

After our initial meeting, I will take the information I collect and work up a proposal for you detailing the estimated budget, the timeline for completion, and method production.  After we go over the proposal together I will make revisions if necessary and if you would like to move forward you sign the proposal and send it back.  For a normal 2-3 week turn-around project I will require payment of half the total up front before  production and the final amount will be due upon completion of the project.  After the first edit of the video is complete then the client gets 2 revisions in order to get final approval and then I deliver the master.

What happens if the project goes over budget?  

You should never be surprised with the budget running over.  If the budget will be impacted by changes you have requested, by some unforeseen event, or by an opportunity to make the video better, then I will let you know ahead of time before I carry out the additional work.  

Do I really need to pay to use music on a video or can I just use one of my favorite songs that I have in my music collection?

Yes, you do in fact have to pay a licensing fee to use music in your video unless you have permission from the musician and publisher of the song.  Not only is this the law but most of the online video sharing services will now take down your video if you do not have permission.  Do not fear!  There are many sites set-up to help you find compelling, cinematic and well-produced music for a reasonable price.  Expect the costs to range from $75-$300 per song/project for web use.  Projects for theatrical, broadcast, or commercial use will need to be negotiated.

You don't have a lot of sample videos or client lists on your website, why is that?

Most of my work is done on behalf of others.  When they partner with me to make a video, it is usually shown under their brand.  If you would like to see more of my work than I have shown then will be glad to send you a private link or show you some samples at the studio.  

Do you always produce/direct your own work or can I hire you to produce, shoot, edit or consult?

Yes, you can hire me for freelance jobs. I have a number of clients that I strictly shoot or edit for and I love being part of their team.

Are you available for international travel?

Yes, my passport is up to date.